Hi, I'm Tahlia Ham

About me and my tutoring

Possibly my finest (or perhaps worst) characteristic is that I'm totally dissatisfied with my own knowledge.

This could be the reason I've shown a certain ability for maths and physics. Just knowing is never sufficient for me; I must minimum aim to rigorously understand the thinking behind the mathematics I do, and then, take my knowledge to its restrictions. Profusely asking about the reason something is the way it is, maybe to the nuisance of my lecturers, is something I'm compelled to do. I, along with lots of others, find this Socratic technique of learning as well as teaching to be unbelievably helpful in developing a fundamental understanding of mathematics and physics from fundamental concepts, as well as I endeavour to inform in precisely this fashion.

I hope I can inspire trainees with my intense love of maths and physics or, at the minimum, expose the subjects as far less daunting compared to they appear. Normally not everyone is a mathematician, and different minds discover at various speeds, nevertheless I will intend to leave an enduring and valuable perception.